Breaking the Mystique of Coaching in IT

Coaching is one of the fastest-growing consulting services of the 21st century. Much like the athletic coach committed to taking athletes to higher levels of performance, the business or leadership coach empowers individuals and teams to achieve their best. Coaching is increasingly being used by organizations as part of a leadership and management development strategy -- as a tool to help leaders enhance their skills and as a powerful means for people to learn and achieve their potential. Coaching can and does refocus high-performing managers and executives and increase their value to the corporation There are numerous ways in which coaching can make a difference in IT, but there is somewhat of a mystique about it and its contribution to organizations.

Fundamentally, coaching is simply a matter of asking good questions so the client (individual or team) arrives at its own conclusion. Coaching then holds people accountable for producing the results they need or want to produce. There's actually no magic or mystique to coaching. In fact, successful and effective managers have been doing it for many years. They just don't call it coaching. It is simply talking and listening to the team and empowering them to succeed!

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