Heros will always ruin your it organization

Working in an IT organization can be challenging.   There are exhausting late night emergencies and deadlines, unpredictable technical complexities as well as executive management commonly suffering from extreme ADD.

As this leads to countless hours away from family, friends and your own precious solitude,  you find those few who stand out willing to sacrifice everything to accomplish success.    "We're saved" you utter to yourself as disaster is averted once again or that cool project suddenly comes together. 

Periodically,   you parade the special person (or few) in front of staff for recognition and give them financial and psychological rewards.   Maybe, you even promote those few into leadership positions.    

As you sit in your office reflecting on the organization's accomplishment,   you joke; wishing just to have a few more of them.

As you are filled with confidence for the next year,  you have no idea:  Your IT organization is doomed. 

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