Microsoft and SOA Software Announce Integrated SOA Governance for BizTalk

SOA Software products provide a comprehensive closed-loop SOA governance solution (Workbench), and a high-performance, scalable SOA security, mediation, and management (Service Manager). SOA Software's Service Manager and Workbench products enhance Microsoft's Governance capabilities on both IIS and Biztalk platforms. The Workbench provides an integrated Service Management, Registry/Repository and Policy management solution, allowing Microsoft to respond to a customer's end-to-end SOA Governance requirements. The solution integrates with BizTalk as a BizTalk pipeline and provides full service lifecycle management along with features such as design-time compliance testing, service discovery via a UDDI v2/v3 interface, service provisioning, WS-S security and service monitoring regardless of protocol

Read the SD Times article here.

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