Microsoft Dynamics Live CRM: S+S and OBA applied

Microsoft CRM team announces Microsoft Dynamics Live CRM at the Worldwide Partner Conference 2007 in Denver this week.

This offering is again a great illustration of the main architectural patterns advocated by MS:

  • OBA: the knowledge worker has the CRM functionality (including WF) available at his fingertips from within his familiar MS Office/Outlook UI  (also from browser and mobile client)
  • S+S: the CRM Live offer is available as a pure SaaS model but for customers who choose so this offer can be enriched with software running locally (i.e. in Outlook or off-line data).  Beside that aspect the offering also includes a deployment model where the CRM software runs in the cloud (hosted by third-party or MS) or can run on-premise.
    Note that all Dynamics CRM solutions rely on a single multi-tenant code base, enabling easy migrations across on-premise or on-demand deployments.

See for more info.

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