Microsoft's "Cloud OS" takes shape: enter "Software + Services"

Microsoft is in the early stages of a plan that will see virtually its entire lineup of underlying Internet services opened up to developers.

Some extracts out of the covering CNET article:

Quote: "In addition to making available its existing services, such as mail and instant messaging, Microsoft also will create core infrastructure services, such as storage and alerts, that developers can build on top of. It's a set of capabilities that have been referred to as a "Cloud OS," though it's not a term Microsoft likes to use publicly. "

Quote: "Cloud-centric is probably a better way to say it because Cloud OS makes it sound like it is only running on the cloud," said Brian Hall, general manager of Windows Live. "A lot of the data, a lot of the apps, a lot of the interesting things are on the edge. They are on the PCs. They are on the Xboxes. They are on the phones."

Comment blog author: this concept of OS services "not only running in the cloud" is a great illustration of the MS architectural vision of "Software + Services" which complements the vision of SaaS where basically browsers (running RIAs) connect to services only running in the cloud.  S+S enriches and complements this SaaS vision by leveraging local IT resources where this brings added value for the end-user. In this context MS pitches "Software  plus Services" instead of " Software versus Services".
For more info about the S+S checkout this article on "FTPOnline" by John deVadoss, Director of Architecture Strategy at Microsoft Corporation.

Quote: "But, quibbles over nomenclature aside, Microsoft made clear this week that it aims to play the same role on the Internet that it plays today on the desktop--that of providing its own applications as well as the underlying plumbing and tools that developers use to build their products."

Comment blog author: this is a pretty condense, powerfull and correct analogy that IMO opens up a fantastic new window of opportunity for customers, system integrators and ISV's!

Check out the details at CNET Article.

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