S+S Sample App Litware HR - May 2008 Released

The latest version of LitwareHR (“Litware HR - May 2008 Release”) is now publicly available for download here. This is essentially the version demonstrated during last MIX (session here).

This new enhanced release includes the following new features:

· Upgraded codebase for SQL Server Data Services support

o New "DataModel" that works with SSDS “flexible entities”

o New infrastructure for data access to SSDS including:

§ Client side caching for hi-latency scenarios

§ Parallel cross-container search

§ Support for offline development

o This time we also shipped all Unit Tests for the component

· New UX

o (Much) better graphics and layout design (many thanks to Darren Mc Cormick for his assistance with this!)

o Helper links for streamlining demos ("auto-complete" in most forms for demos)

· New "Dependency Checker" tool to verify and install pre-requisites

· New config tool to setup LitwareHR’s multiple components

· Various bug fixes

The MSI contains all the tools, source code, unit tests and some binary dependencies to build LitwareHR (e.g. Enterprise Library). You will need Visual Studio 2008 to build all.

Because this version of LitwareHR is meant to use SQL Server Data Services (SSDS) as the on-line storage provider you need to register for an account to successfully use it. External customers can register for a beta account with this service here: http://www.microsoft.com/sql/dataservices/default.mspx . Internal customers can sign-up here: http://cloudds

Here’s an end-to-end demo of the new version:  http://silverlight.services.live.com/invoke/5721/LitwareHR-SSDS/iframe.html