What It Takes to Be a Great Enterprise Architect

Cutter Consortium: "What It Takes to Be a Great Enterprise Architect".

To be a great architect, you need talent. But greatness is accorded to those responsible for great architectures, those that stand out from others in the value they

afford. The great enterprise architect is one who is credited with contributing in a significant way to a great enterprise. In this Executive Report, we explore what it takes to be a great architect as well as the exciting opportunity that enterprise architects have in shaping enterprises that stand out among the organizational landscape.


We explore what it takes to be great in the context of a historical tale with all the qualities of a great story: the hero embarks on a quest to do great good for his people; and though faced with many challenges, he prevails against tough odds. This is a story of an enterprise architect. As you read it, you will no doubt find that, paragraph by paragraph, there is a lesson for enterprise architects and for executive managers considering how to set up the role so that it will add the most value. Not only will this story give you keen insight into what it takes to be a great enterprise architect, but the story itself will be a valuable resource. Remember, great leaders tend to be storytellers, and this is a wonderful story to tell.


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