April Newsletter – Debates on the Cloud

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April 2010  



Windows Azure Design Patterns Windows Azure Design Patterns

One of the challenges in adopting a new platform is finding usable design patterns that work for developing effective solutions. The Catch-22 is that design patterns are discovered and not invented. Nevertheless it is important to have some guidance on what design patterns make sense early in the game.

Editor's picks

[Forbes] Dissecting The Cloud

Cloud computing brings up myriad questions.

[Computer World] Managing the cloud

How to manage cloud computing as part of an overall IT strategy.

[CIO] How Not to Build a Cloud

Here are six no-no's for cloud computing planning in your enterprise. From legacy software to outdated metrics, these potential pitfalls deserve careful consideration.

Henrik Kniberg: Kanban vs. Scrum

There's a lot of buzz on Kanban right now in the agile software development community. Since Scrum has become quite mainstream now, a common question is "so what is Kanban, and how does it compare to Scrum?"

Vince Kellen: The CIO is Dead! Long Live the CIO!

When viewed as a whole, the CIO community is paranoid and schizophrenic. Not only do we hear multiple conflicting voices in our collective heads, we have a sense that the future we created is out to get us.

[Enterprise Systems] Privileged Access in the Virtualized Data Center

No single solution can prevent all security risks in a virtualized data center, but automation can help.

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