April Newsletter – TechEd Special Edition (Issue 19)

We have decided to stop our print edition and become a fully digital resource. With the dynamic and flexible digital format, you can search inside articles, send by email, and access related information and multimedia with a simple mouse-click.


The Architecture Journal
The Architecture Journal
Issue 19 April 2009
Input for Better Outcomes
Letter From the Editor
  Diego Dagum  
Dear Architect, We have been actively working on enhancing your experience both in terms of delivery channel and high quality content. To do so, we have decided to stop our print edition and become a fully digital resource. With the dynamic and flexible digital format, you can search inside articles, send by email, and access related information and multimedia with a simple mouse-click. And, of course, you can still print the whole magazine or an individual article if you want to. Let’s start from delivery channels. Some readers were already receiving the Journal as a quarterly newsletter containing a link to the PDF. Those subscribed to the printed edition are now receiving this newsletter too, sent to the email account used when you originally subscribed. This newsletter is now enriched with a selection of relevant architecture articles, featuring content published by Microsoft as well as other media groups and independent voices. The newsletter frequency becomes monthly (the Journal will keep its quarterly cycle). Content won’t be limited to articles: You’ll also get taped interviews, demos, case studies, gadgets, calls for papers, and a wealth of other resources to help you in your work as an architect, aligning technology to the business. The editorial coverage is also being re-aligned and enhanced. We’ll continue to cover current and forward-thinking topics of interest to the industry (we are working these days on “Architecture during uncertain times: Giving value back to the business thru smart technology decisions”), looking at issues from development to infrastructure from the architect’s eye. Our coverage of concrete platform solutions will be extended to new depths. You’ll find useful information about putting ideas into practice in both the featured articles themselves and the complementary readings through our partnership with MSDN Magazine for software developers and Technet Magazine for IT professionals. Dear reader, while discontinuing the print magazine represents a disruption, we are excited about the improvements to relevance, accuracy, and quantity of information we will be able to deliver to your inbox. Diego Dagum Editor-in-chief
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Further Resources on Architecture: Editor's Choice
NET RIA Services complement the Data Access Layer and presentation components in .NET and Silverlight, simplifying Line of Business (LoB) RIA development.
Mike Rosen: Don’t get me wrong: it’s not that architecture is unimportant; quite the opposite.
Service virtualization is an emerging trend in the SOA landscape that focuses on providing a common infrastructure for building and managing a complex service ecosystem.
How to keep your Web applications running smoothly when workloads rise?
How do you do less, but accomplish more?
Timothy Fitz and Joe Ludwig have recently published practical implementations of a process that reduces the release cycle from weeks to minutes.
Rather than buying and maintaining your own machines, why not exploit the acres of Internet-accessible servers on offer today? By David Chappell.
The ground under SOA — long solid SOAP territory — appears to be shifting to more lightweight service approaches.
Check out content from this year's conference-- videos and decks by industry-leading SOA innovators.
This case study looks at the agile development practices of Microsoft’s TeamArch and its involvement with Visual Studio Team System 2010.

From Ideas to Real Implementation
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Security: An Introduction to Security in Windows 7 Security: PKI Enhancements in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Security: Common SQL Server Security Issues and Solutions Security: Protect Instant Messaging with Forefront Security Security: Protect E-Mail with Forefront Security ... and more!!

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