[CIO] Five Lessons from Microsoft on Cloud Security

The software titan reviewed its security approach to cloud computing and developed new strategies. Here's what one Microsoft cloud expert says he's learned.

  1. Discuss risk with customers. The security of cloud services worries many customers, and it should.
  2. Pay attention to compliance. Larger enterprise customers want to understand the controls, but how many companies can I let into a data center?
  3. Better standards needed. To serve customers better, the large cloud providers need to work together to standardize across their platforms.
  4. Privacy and security are not so different. As Microsoft applied cloud-computing models to its services and data centers, the difference between security and privacy nearly disappeared.
  5. Don't generalize on cloud security. Companies need to look at specific areas and address them properly. There is not a single thing that can be done across the whole cloud-computing spectrum.

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