TFS Beta 3 Refresh

Today is the day! Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 are now available for download by MSDN subscribers. And, Team Foundation Server is releasing Beta 3 Refresh to stay in sync with the RTM bits.

Since most of us in patterns & practices have already made the leap to the golden bits, I need to install the TFS Beta 3 Refresh.  Basically, the upgrade process is a simple uninstall/reinstall.  Start by uninstalling Beta 3 in the opposite order of installation, then follow the Beta 3 Refresh installation checklist for your server deployment.  In a nutshell, here’s what I did to remove TFS Beta 3 from my servers:

Uninstall Application Tier:

  • Team Explorer
  • Visual Studio 2005, including the items listed at the end of the VSTS uninstall
  • TFS Services

It is not necessary to uninstall WSS or IIS from the application server.

Uninstall Data Tier:

  • TFS Databases
  • SQL Server 2005, in the same order as listed in the VSTS uninstall

It is not necessary to uninstall IIS from the data server.