Micro Focus Support for Visual Studio 2010

Just learnt that Micro Focus has announced four major product integrations, which will simultaneously ship with Visual Studio 2010.

The following products are expected to be released with Visual Studio 2010 integration before the end of May 2010:

  • Visual COBOL 2010 is Micro Focus’s COBOL environment. The product includes support for both native and managed code (full support for multi-targeting & .NET 4.0); new lighter-weight COBOL syntax that permits COBOL programs to be written in a style similar to Visual Basic.NET; includes new features in Visual Studio 2010, such as editor adornments. This product will also form the basis of the new managed code mainframe migration offering, which is scheduled for a July 2010 announcement at the WPC.
  • SilkTest integration permits tests authored using Borland SilkTest to be integrated with Team Foundation Server build processes, and managed through Microsoft Test Manager in Visual Studio Test Professional 2010. Micro Focus plans to offer the SilkTest integration add- free of charge to existing SilkTest customers on maintenance.
  • Micro Focus DevPartner provides additional static and run-time analysis capability within Visual Studio, enhancing the quality & reliability of both managed and native applications. It is in use currently by a number of internal Microsoft development teams.
  • Analyzer Express is a first offering of the Modernization Workbench technology acquired from Relativity Technologies. It provides enhanced code understanding such as data flow analysis.

Further details of product functionality, including video clips can be found here


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