Back to the United States

I'm back in the United States after a 9 day trip to Europe. My trip was very productive as I was able to meet many customers and partners who use MCMS and SharePoint Products and Technologies. It was very good to see customers and partners using the technologies in creative ways to solve their specific business problems.

One big take-away from my trip is that even the most involved customers/partners with our portal technologies are not always aware of what's out there - i.e. what whitepapers we've recently posted and books that are being released. As a result, I'm going to blog more frequently and let people know when things are up.

On a book related note, there are several SharePoint and MCMS books available at The SharePoint Products and Technologies Resource Kit, SharePoint 2003,  A Complete Guide. There's are other books that are also slated to come up in the next few months.