June 6, 7th TechEd Sessions

On June 6th, I'm going to be presenting a session titled Accelerate your CMS Development and Deployment @ TechEd at 5pm. Note that this requires familiarity with CMS => not a good idea to attend if you don't know the product. It's also more development (developer) focused than deployment focused (IT Pro)... I'm essentially going to show all the ways to quickly develop CMS solutions w/ samples and technologies that are -free-. Even if you're a CMS expert, you'll gain something from it - at least that's my goal. :-) It's going to be info packed w/ the goal of providing tons of info that you can take a look at in-depth later; authoring and workflow will be the focus. Yeah, I know 5pm is a sub-optimal time... but if you develop/architect CMS solutions, I recommend attending. If you can't, get one of your colleagues to go.

I'm also going to meet up w/ Andrew Connell, one of the CMS MVPs tomorrow who's a CMS/SharePoint expert and is coming out with a CMS book later this summer... as well as be at the TechEd SharePoint/CMS booth post 6:30pm. Microsoft definitely gets its money's worth for me as an employee. :-)

On June 7th, again, developer/architect focused on best practices for architecting and developing your CMS solutions. I believe it's at about 1pm. I'll also have some limited discussion around WSS/CMS integration best practices.

FYI - at both my sessions, I will have some exciting news to share.... :-)