Missed the MVP Summit

The MVP Summit was held in Redmond this week. Lawrence Liu, many of my other team members and folks from engineering spent a great deal of time with the SharePoint MVPs this week. They discussed plans, shared ideas and had some fun too!

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to stop by and say hello to the SharePoint MVPs. :-( I did get to meet a couple folks who stopped by Building 36 (where I work), but every attempt to get to the Conference Center was foiled by meetings, deadlines and last minute requests.

I finally have some free time now, albeit Friday evening, so here I am trying to vindicate myself... and doing a little blogging. And while it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to blog because the lines between the current version and future version are beginning to blur just a little bit... I will make it a point to write an average of one blog entry a week.... and next MVP summit around, no excuses -  I will present, paintball and eat with the MVPs and someone else on my team can hold down the fort. :-)