SharePoint Training

  I've been getting a lot of questions about SharePoint Training so I thought I'd compile a partial list of training resources. This list primarily consists of Instructor Led Training; does not include books or tutorials.

Web Based Training

Managing Portal and Collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies 2003 (disable pop-up blocker to run)

SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Tours

SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Flash Demo

Tips and Tricks for Using Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003

Instructor Led Training

Customizing Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 - MOC 2014 (2 Days)

Designing IT Platform Collaborative Applications with Microsoft SharePoint 2003 Workshop

Portal Component Developer

Find a local CTEC who presents the MOC courses

3rd Party Training Companies

SharePoint Bootcamps(WSS Dev, Designer, End-Users)

Mindsharp Training (SPS/WSS Admin, Dev, Designers, End-Users)

SharePoint Solutions (Planners/Designers, IT Pros, Developers)

Pilothouse Consulting (IT Pro Fundamentals, Developers)