The curse is reversed?

It was the 9th inning. The Red Sox were up. I still remember that night. My friends were at my house and before the game was over, everyone was beginning to go home. The Red Sox had won the World Series... or had they? The Mets came back to win Game 6 and then Game 7 in the '86 World Series. Arguably one of the biggest miracles of modern day baseball. The curse lived on. I was a Mets fan back then, so I remember the game vividly.

Exactly 86 years after (interesting it's 86) their last World Series championship (1918), the Sox pull-off the biggest upset in baseball history being down 3 games and on the verge of losing in Game 4. Sure I want the Sox to win the World Series... but quite frankly, if it was between winning against the Yankees and winning the World Series without ever facing the Yankees, I would choose the former. This was definitely one of the best baseball series of all time. Congratulations, Boston Red Sox, Congratulations!