Blogwave Alpha 2 - features

The response to the initial release of BlogWave was better than I expected - 1500 blog views and several hundred downloads in just a few days. Thanks to everyone who took the time to post or email me about it!

The improvements in the next release (Alpha 2) will be 100% driven by the feedback and feature requests I have recieved so far. The top requests have been (in order of popularity):

  • Feed aggregation
  • Cross-posting
  • Additional feed source types
  • Feed item limit and sorting
  • Support for proxy servers

Alpha 2 will feature all of the above , and will probably be ready by late next week. Am I missing anything important? Let me know!

Also, if anyone who ran into proxy-related issues with Alpha 1 is willing to test the upcoming version, please drop me a note and I'll hook you up with a preview version :)

Teaser screenshots: