Code Generation

It seems that everyone agrees that code generation is a potentially usefull tool for certain scenarios. The only problem is that there is no consensus regarding what those scenarios are...  personally I would be interested in hearing some opinions on how generics will effect the role of code generation in development.  Using generics will be able to define code templates using simple language constructs instead of the brain-dead duplication of code blocks that we have today. Will that make code generation less useful?  Or maybe more?  On one hand CG will no longer be needed for the "grunt work" of defining typed data structures and the algorithms to handle them.  On the other hand, if we use CG to create templates which themselves use generics - now that could be insanely powerful.

P.S.  I saw T3 last night - and it is everything that Matrix Reloaded wasn't.  Arnold is back in a big way!  highly recommended.