Is anyone else getting Blog-Spammed today?

Update: Jesse recommends reporting this guy to his affiliates.

I got multiple (~10 at last count but they are still coming) spam comments today containing URLs which redirect to a lowlife-type website <URL removed> . This spam is especially annoying since it appears to be tailored specifically for technology-related blogs - notice the reference to MSDN:

Sample Spam #1:

Sender: Hilary O hanlan
IP Address:
em... Have you tested this?, I am not 100% on this stuff

Spam #2:

Sender: Hilary Dunne
IP Address:
The Msdn docs differ from above, I would deffinitely dispute the last
bit in the main points you mentioned, however could you clarify the last

Spam #3:

Sender: Steven Mc Colgan
IP Address:
My work colleague read this and I am not an expert on all this

Notice that they are all from the same IP address, which is part of a block allocated to Bulldog Communictions (located in London). I have already contacted their ISP although I don't have high hopes that Bulldog will do the right thing... ISPs often don't bother.