Life imitating art : NASA working on lightsaber practice droid.

This is what happens when you give true geeks an unlimited budget... 
The article (from
Wired) has some simply awesome

"The PSA started with a simple idea: to hook up astronauts with
some of the cooler gadgetry from classic '60s and '70s science
"Astronauts really needed something that acted like a
tricorder '
device, like they had on Star Trek," said Gregory Dorais, the
robot's program manager.
"Clearly the concept of something that is
part webcam, part PDA, part intercom and part lightsaber practice droid has many
applications in an environment where so many things are going on
editor Keith Cowing wrote in an e-mail.

All I know is that I'll be the first in line when the NASA geeks come up with
a working AT-AT :)