LINQ at the NYC Code Camp this Saturday

I'll be delivering my famous (ok, not really) "LINQ & C# 3.0 For Mere Mortals" presentation at the NYC Code Camp this Saturday.  For those who haven't registered yet- unfortunately the code camp registration is already full , but another one is already being planned, so don't despair :)

During the presentation I will take a simple real-world application  in C# v1.1,  port it to C# 2.0, and then to 3.0.  Along the way I'll discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the previous and current versions, and also introduce the incredible new features appearing in C# 3.0 and LINQ.   By the time the pizza arrives, we will have condensed about 300+ lines of code down into a single one, while also adding some functionality along the way.  It should be an interesting presentation!