Lots of new Biztalk 2004 content released today

While this has been blogged about (ScottWoo, OAllen) it really deserves a little more buzz:

1. Microsoft FINALLY released the Friggin help and documentation for BizTalk 2004. As a newbie BTS developer on a tight schedule I have been praying for this for weeks! Download Here

2. Also released today - “BizTalk Server 2004 Rollup Package 1”. It fixes 12 or so bugs in BTS 2004, the full list of fixes is available here.

3. The SDK has also been updated with new content. Download Here

I have spent the last few weeks ramping up on BTS 2004 and it has been a love/hate relationship so far... I can see the potential but everything takes so long to do, and troubleshooting is very different from what I'm used to. Hopefully the new help and SDK will make the learning curve less painful.