Random Thoughts

1.  On the dynamic SQL issue, I vote for Frans. I have architected and developed systems using both approaches, and the amount of time required to code, debug and maintain SPs just isn't worth the marginal perf gains.  Enough said on that by everyone by now :)

2. I just re-read Don Box's “Essential .Net” for the nth time and, as always, it was worth it. Things I picked up (or remembered):

  • System.Runtime.CompilerServices.IndexerName attribute for indexer names other than this[].
  • WeakReferences for doing caching without messing up the garbage collector

3. Did anyone else notice the way Duncan Mackenzie slipped DirectCast into his sample code? Just when I thought I knew everything worth knowing in the VB.NET syntax....

4. Someone posted a RSS FeedReader Web Part sample up on GDN.  I did something similar as a code sample for my Sharepoint presentation at the NJMSDev  group this month, I guess RSS and SPS just go well together...