"Software is like blood"

In this article, titled “Rise of Linux totally unstoppable” I found the following quote especially interesting:

"Customers and governments will have to trust the software and the only way to do it is to show the source code, not just 90%. It’s like AIDS testing, you can’t say you’ve tested just 90% of blood".

That quote is attributed to Martin Mikos, CEO of MySQL and certainly has a bit of truth to it. However, after thinking about it a bit , I think it is actually an excellent arguement against open source development - after all, if you were in a medical situation where you needed blood, what would you prefer as your supplier:

A. A large, stable, proven industry leader in the medical area of blood supplies, or

B. A loosely organized group of semi-anonymous part-time hobbyists collaborating over the web, with corporate sponsors.

I would pick A in a heartbeat. Even if B was substantially cheaper.