Release Management utilities for RM 2015

Recently one of the customer wanted to know whether we have any utilities/best practices document that he can follow while managing his release management installation. Abhishek Aggarwal/Madhu Vadlapudi/me put together some of the utilities that we had, that were relevant for this customer, and I am sharing them with you below.

  • Find the releases which can be abandoned and abandon them. The script is here.
  • Find out how much load windows workflow layer is putting on the system and reduce the load it by cleaning up the workflow tables as sometimes abandoning/stopping the workflow does not clean it up. The script is here.
  • Find the V1 releases that are older than X days and delete them using this script.
  • Restore a deleted V1 release from the backup db using this script
  • Check whether the update stats job is running or not using this script.
  • Best practices document which talks about what you should keep in mind or practice while managing RM 2015 server.

Enjoy !!