Architects Bootcamp at TechEd Europe 2005

Originally Created: 2005-06-27

In the last year I've been holding Architect Bootcamps all around Europe - at some great locations I must add! The idea was to huddle up with 15-20 like minded individuals in great surroundings and just talk "architecture" for a couple of days, eat, drink and be merry. Wow, did we learn a lot! So much so that Beat Schwegler and I decided to hold a compressed version of this Bootcamp as a pre-conference workshop at TechEd Europe 2005 in Amsterdam which starts in just over a week.

The reason why I write this post is to tell you that our workshop has attracted 356 registrations. This is the highest attendance of all the pre-conference events so far at this TechEd! The number two is the Activce Directory workshop standing at 338 registrations.

Think about it, Teched is a developer conference but an architect depth training workshop is the most popular! Go figure that one out? Beat and I are absolutely thrilled about this and we can't wait to share our thinking with all of you that have registered, and at the same time we're curious as to why there's so much interest?

Anyway, if you haven't already, please sign up and join Beat and me in a few days.