Bye, Bye Mr. CIO Guy

Originally Created: 2004-07-05

Bye, bye Mr. CIO guy...
Gonna outsource every resource ‘til the business runs dry...

Pat Helland debuted his latest song at TechEd Europe with Don Box and David Chappell playing backup. He received a 2 minute standing ovation at the end of this Architecture Track session. Being the ARC track owner I am especially pleased with the end result and the buzz it created for this subject area during the conference.

The lyrics were written by Pat in response to Nicholas Carr’s Harvard Business Review paper "IT Doesn’t Matter" in which Mr. Carr proposes that businesses reconsider their IT investments.  This is a "speculative retrospective" in which we examine what happened "The Day That IT Died".

The video is available on Channel 9. The lyrics are also available.

Pat, together with Rafal Lukawiecki and Clemens Vasters performed a theatrical comedy session entitled "The Nerd, The Suit and The Fortune Teller" on the last day. That session had nearly 2000 in the audience! As soon as I get a link to the video you'll hear about it first here. In the meantime, here are some pics taken by Bjarne Gram.