Innovation in the Big House

I'm often looking for pointers to where customers and partners can check out Microsoft innovations in an easily consumable - informal - fashion. Channel 9 has definitely been the first place I think of. Then I suggest visiting our very active Bloggers on MSDN. If one's more future-oriented then I would strongly recommend Microsoft Research and now specifically the MSR TechFest 2008 Demos of which I'd suggest Tiny Web Services and World Wide Telescope!

Recently Microsoft launched a new innovation insights talk show called Perspectives at On10. The first episode is with Henrik Nielsen and Tandy Trower who explore the Microsoft Robotics initiative. They discuss why they think Robotics is a Next Big Thing. And Henrik and Tandy explain how the CCR/DSS infrastructure which supports the Robotics platform is broadly relevant in an era of loosely-coupled services.

So there's lots of wonderful inspiring stuff you can see, hear and read about. And if you like, have a laugh on the Big House too!

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