Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008 CTP April Available

The high level set of changes is listed below. For me #2 and #3 are golden, but be sure to drill down to find out the details... like async streaming support!

  1. Improved security model with support for Message Level Authorization using Role-based access control allowing to fine-grained control of who can access services and how.

  2. Support for LINQ queries in DSSP subscriptions enabling applications to create complex queries that can be executed close to the data source instead of requiring moving data across the network

  3. Support for creating applications that run on multiple DSS nodes using Visual Programming Language and DSS Manifest Editor. This makes it much simpler to create applications that run across nodes, either on the same machine or across the network. When an application containing multiple nodes is to be started, VPL creates individual deploy packages for each node and fires them up across the network.

  4. Support for record and playback functionality in Visual Simulation Environment enabling it to record the position and orientation of each entity and save that information to a file which later can be replayed.

  5. Support for storing simulation media resources such as texture maps, bitmaps, and mesh files directly as part of the CLR assemblies in the form of embedded resources rather than as external files.

  6. New Simulation floor plan editor which allows the user to put together walls, doors, windows, etc. to represent the interior of a room, house, or other building.


Quoting from Marc Mercuri's blog:

At RoboBusiness today, Microsoft announced the release of Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008 CTP1.

Get the free download here -

Mary-Jo Foley has an article on why you should care ('Why business users should grab a copy of Microsoft's new robotics' toolkit')

See that here -

The folks who attended the conference also saw some videos from my new project. CNET references it in the article - "Microsoft's new gig: Virtual host to robot competitions".

See that here - .

Outside of this, mum's the word until the clock at hit's 0's across the board.


By the way, in addition to RoboChamps, Marc also planned and built Tafiti – the guy is smart!

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