Free E-book: Introducing Windows Azure for IT Professionals

Microsoft Press has recently released a new e-book on Windows Azure called “Introducing Windows Azure for IT professionals”. This book contains something for everyone who is either learning Windows Azure or is planning to move to Windows Azure in near future.

Best part is this book is absolutely Free to download for everyone! Thank you Microsoft Press! Smile

I got the opportunity to write the chapter on Windows Azure Caching for this book. Hope some of you would find it useful. Please let us know about any feedback/inputs.

Book_Cover DOWNLOADS PDF - here Companion Content - here Mobi file for Kindle - here ePub file - here

Whether you’re new to the Windows Azure platform or are already using it in your business, this book has something that should interest you. Most Windows Azure services are described in some detail, with screenshots used to demonstrate some of the multitude of capabilities of the platform. And for the experienced we have lots of under-the-hood insights and expert tips written by Microsoft insiders who develop, test, and use the Windows Azure platform.


Happy reading!