Interesting Windows hotfixes/updates for April

Folks, just a quick note about the following updates that you might find interesting from a Windows Devices perspective:

Update to support copying .mkv files to Windows Phone from a computer that is running Windows
OK so this isn't a major one; but does fall under the 'interesting' category. This update, available via Windows Update, will just remove the warnings about the file not working on the device.

Automatic brightness option is disabled unexpectedly after you switch between PC settings pages in Windows
Had an issue where the automatic brightness option greys out on a mobile PC? Well this update is for you! Available via Windows Update.

Update to improve battery performance and power schemes in Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2
This one only applies to Intel Cherry Trail based PCs - so the particular machine you're likely to see improvement on at this stage is the Surface 3, and other Cherry Trail PCs as they come to market. Note this one isn't rolling out via Windows Update and is currently a hotfix download. You could imagine that this would be something that hardware vendors will include on Cherry Trail PCs until the update gets rolled into upcoming updates.