PowerShell Active Directory Schema Report

Last year I published a script on the Hey Scripting Guy blog to review the AD schema.  This comes in handy when you want a report on the history of schema changes in your forest and the related OIDs.  The script lives on the TechNet Script Gallery, and I keep it updated with new product schema versions.  I have revised the Active Directory schema report over on the TechNet Script Gallery with the following updates:

  • added Windows Server 2012 R2 schema version
  • added the schema object OID (attributeID)
  • sorted the output
  • created a CSV file of the schema objects

You may want to execute the script in a maximized ISE, because the Format-Table report output can be 150 characters wide.  It looks OK in the console, but some of the date columns on the right may be truncated.  You can open the CSV in Excel to review, filter, sort, and pivot on the data as needed.

I think it is fascinating to review the OIDs of the schema attributes to understand who really owns them.  Find the script here.