What's New In PowerShell v3: Demos to Download

Summer of Speaking

This summer has been a busy time for me speaking at events. In July I spoke at TechReady on the topic of "Active Directory PowerShell Notes From The Field". I'll be giving that presentation again at the second PowerShell Saturday event in Charlotte, NC on September 15th. Sign up now while seats are still available and meet PowerShell celebrities like Ed Wilson and Jim Christopher. The third PowerShell Saturday has been schedule for October 27th in Atlanta, GA.


Today I am presenting at TechMentor in Redmond on the topic of "What's New In PowerShell v3". The purpose of this blog post is to share some related links and demo scripts from the session. Feel free to download and try this code in your lab. Note that these are not intended to be fully developed scripts, rather examples of new features in the product. I should also note that not all of these demos originated with me. Some I adapted from the PowerShell blog, some from the server team blog, and some from TechEd/TechReady presentations by my coworkers.

The Goods

The zip file attached at the bottom of this post has PowerShell v3 samples for the following topics:

  • Language enhancements
  • ISE enhancements
  • CIM cmdlets
  • Scheduled jobs
  • Workflows
  • Robust sessions
  • PowerShell web access

Obviously there is way too much content to fit into a 75 minute presentation. The bottom of each file has additional demo content that I couldn't fit into the session.  Look for deeper coverage of these concepts in the resources linked below and in the many links inside the script file comments.


Note that Windows 8 RTM and Windows Server 2012 RTM are available to download for TechNet and MSDN subscribers effective August 15, 2012.

Windows Management Framework 3.0 (PowerShell 3.0, WMI, WinRM)

Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation (RTM)

Windows Server 2012 Evaluation


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This Is Just The Beginning

Continue to follow my blog and those linked above for more exciting content around new PowerShell v3 features. Use the comments below to tell us which features you would like to explore first.