Metadata tool and whitepaper for BI components

Hi again,

Over the last few months a lot of you have expressed a need to do impact analysis and lineage investigations across the different BI components we've got.... if I change this table here what packages, cubes, reports will be affected.

Well, earlier this week the BI team released a metadata pack that you can use for this. It includes sample projects, sample reports, etc. Right now it handles getting metadata from SSIS and SSAS, we hope to get to SSRS in the future. 

We decided to release the source code for it as well so that:

- you have a piece of code that demonstrates using the object models for SSIS and SSAS, and

- you can extend the work we've done for integrating other technologies in the metadata repository as well.

While the tool is useful as it is, we're hoping there'll be a community effort to drive this forward as well... I can easily imagine a workspace on gotdotnet where active participation will make this tool more comprehensive than we could ever manage to do.

Anyways, the link is

There's also a whitepaper here:

As usual, I look forward to your feedback.