How to Prevent/Troubleshoot “Calendar items missing” issue

In Outlook 2003, some customers may meet the “Calendar items missing” issue. There are several factors that can cause this problem and therefore, the whole troubleshooting process may be time consuming.

At this stage, we’d like to provide some tips to help you prevent such issues. The following tips are from analyzing many “Calendar items missing” issues:

1. Keep your BlackBerry and GoodLink server updated

2. Keep your Outlook and Exchange server updated

3. Keep the manager and the delegate using the same version of Outlook

4. If possible, make the manager and delegate’s mailboxes in the same store

5. Avoid sending meeting request to a Distribution List (we can expand the DL first)

Additional best practices can be found in the following articles:

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Also, we’d like to provide some troubleshooting guides for “Calendar items missing” issue. Please refer to the following useful articles when this issue occurs.

How to troubleshoot missing and duplicate appointments in Outlook

Description of common scenarios in which Calendar information may be removed from the Calendar or may be inaccurate

Finally, in Outlook 2007, we have redesigned the calendar portion; our goal is for no one to ever miss a meeting. With the spread of Office 2007, the “Calendar items missing” issue will disappear once and for all.