Windows XP: Stop Error 0x0000007F or 0x1000007F after installing MS11-011 (KB2393802)

Often 0x7F or 0x1000007F stop codes trap code 8 are due to overflowing a fixed size kernel stack space resource.

We have heard numerous reports of systems experiencing a BSOD after applying this update, and we have been able to confirm this issue results from kernel stack exhaustion. KB 2393802 leaves less stack space available in the Windows kernel for other kernel modules to use.

The majority of affected systems are running Windows XP SP3 (Windows XP leaves approximately 12,000 bytes of shared stack space for kernel modules to share.), but there is a potential for this issue to occur on all platforms.


Obtain updated drivers to resolve this issue:


We also have seen some similar cases that were not related to the specific video drivers; however the basic problem is the same.

For example, the filter driver pgpwded.sys from Symantec: