Q: Can I use Team Foundation if the NETBIOS name for my domain doesn't match the distinguished name?

A: No. In this release, Group Security Services (GSS) resolves identities by taking the distinguished name (DN), finding the deepest domain component (DC), which it assumes is the domain name (e.g., DC=NewYorkCity). It then caches the identity as domain\username (e.g., NewYorkCity\DonaldT). This domain\username is resolvable. If the NETBIOS name for your domain is different than the deepest DC (e.g., NYC instead of NewYorkCity), you will provide GSS with a domain\username it cannot resolve (e.g., NYC\DonaldT). This condition is referred to as a disjoint namespace. Under this circumstance, gssutil.exe /g will fail.

For more information, see Domain Controller's Domain Name System Suffix Does Not Match Domain Name.

Applicability: Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 Refresh with Visual Studio 2005 Team System