Windows Server 2012 GA

Hey folks, Ned here again to tell you what you probably already know: Windows Server 2012 is now generally available:

I don’t often recommend “vision” posts, but Satya Nadella – President of Server and Tools – explains why we made the more radical changes in Windows Server 2012. Rather than start with the opening line, I’ll quote from the finish:

In the 1990s, Microsoft saw the need to democratize computing and made client/server computing available at scale, to customers of all sizes. Today, our goal is to do the same for cloud computing with Windows Server 2012.

On a more personal note: Mike Stephens, Joseph Conway, Tim Quinn, Chuck Timon, Don Geddes, and I dedicated two years to understanding, testing, bug stomping, design change requesting, documenting, and teaching Windows Server 2012. Another couple dozen senior support folks – such as our very own Warren Williams - spent the last year working with customers to track down issues and get feedback. Your feedback. You will see things in Directory Services that were requested through this blog.

Having worked on a number of pre-release products, this is the most Support involvement in any Windows operating system I have ever seen. When combined with numerous customer and field contributions, I believe that Windows Server 2012 is the most capable, dependable, and supportable product we’ve ever made. I hope you agree.

- Ned “also, any DS issues you find were missed by Mike, not me” Pyle