ASP.NET Tip 1. Why do I want to write less markup code? For productivity, of course!

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Why type in quotation marks every time you editing markup code, such as XML or HTML?  It’s two extra keystrokes, and when you aren’t using drag and drop to write your code, these extra keystrokes can slow you down, or worse, lead to typos.   In Visual Studio 2010, you can make the addition of quotes around your markup attributes automatic.

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Setting automatic quoting is simple (and works in Visual Studio 2008,2010):

  1. Go to Tools, Options, Text Editor, HTML, Formatting
  2. Select the Checkbox - “Insert attribute value quotes when typing”.
  3. Click Ok.



Once you set this option, when you are typing with IntelliSense, Visual Studio will automatically have quotes popup for you, saving a few keystrokes.


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