MSDN Roadshow – New York City Follow up

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We kicked off our roadshow with our first stop in New York City. Thanks to all of you who came!  We had close to 70 people.  I promised to follow up with my code samples, deck etc. etc.  This will be the spot where you will find it all – I am going to be posting it on com and will include a link as soon as it’s all nicely packaged. I will also post content with walkthroughs to answer to some of the questions that you have asked during the session.

For those of you who wanted to get a copy of Microsoft Silverlight and Expression 3 trial DVDs, unfortunately it seems we did not them shipped to us in time. I know some of you have filled out your mailing address on the evaluation to receive the DVD. For those of you who did not, no fear, you can actually download the software here.


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