Search for a movie on Bing, and see what your only your friends say

As a consumer of information, I find that Search Engine Optimization is beginning to hurt the relevancy of my results. For example, when I do a search on a Microsoft product, I expect to see Microsoft at the top of my search results. Unfortunately, many websites have figured out how to “game” the system so that their results appear first.  When I search for a movie, I will be led into buying something rather than getting information about the movie.

No longer!

Thanks to Bing & Facebook integration, you can now see what your friends have to say about a particular product or brand. For example, if I do a Bing search on Iron Man, I see what my friends have to say directly blended into to my search results. You’ll notice a new Facebook icon on the top right of Bing. Once you sign in, you now have results from hopefully people your trust.  (Assuming your Facebook friends are really friends whose opinions you trust. Another reason not to think of Facebook as a popularity contest).