ASP.NET User Education team member blogs


Rick Anderson

Rick’s blog focuses on Dynamic Data, including a FAQs and Dynamic Data samples.

Most current posts:

Dynamic Data FAQ

Custom Validation Error message not displayed

Explicit connection string for EF

Improving the FK field display: Showing two fields in Foreign Key columns

How to create an updateable view with ADO Entity Framework and with LINQ to SQL


Michael Miele

Michael’s blog currently covers new features, architectural descriptions, and examples of Dynamic Data. The intent of his blog is to help the customer understand Dynamic Data, especially how to use the new features. In the future his blog will cover other technical areas of interest and expertise.

Most current posts:

Applying a Filter Template to a Data Field

Querying Products By Category Using ForeignKey Filter Template

Analyzing the Dynamic Data 4.0 Preview


Erik Reitan

Erik’s blog focuses on ASP.NET FAQs. Areas include ASP.NET, C#, Health Monitoring, HTML Bridge, Silverlight, Web Application Projects, and XAP.

Most current posts:

Silverlight - Maintaining Video Timeline Position Between Posts

Silverlight HTML Bridge FAQ

ASP.NET - Silverlight XAP FAQ

Silverlight (for ASP.NET) FAQ

ASP.NET AJAX Client Events - Interacting with Client Objects


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