Ask a Microsoft Media Center Team Member forum on the

I just came across a link to a forum on The Green Button that I wanted to pass on.  The forum is called "Ask Jessica" and the tag line for this forum states taht you can ask questions directly to Jessica Zahn, a program manager on the TV team in Windows Media Center.

You can find this forum at

Jessica has been doing a great job so far of trying to find answers to as many of the questions asked there as possible, even if they are not in areas of Windows Media Center that she works on directly.  Also, I'm really happy to see that some other folks on the Windows Media Center team are starting to read and answer questions on this forum as well.

There is also a Windows Media Center public newsgroup that I've found to be useful for identifying workarounds and asking questions about Windows Media Center functionality.  You can view the contents of the Microsoft.Public.Windows.MediaCenter newsgroup and post questions to that newsgroup by using this link -

If you have problems with or questions about Windows Media Center, I encourage you to look at the posts on this forum and the Microsoft newsgroups, and ask a new question in one of these places if you can't find the specific information you're looking for.