Game Developers Conference 2008, here we come!

As mentioned in this post on the XNA team blog, the 2008 Game Developers Conference will be happening from February 18-22 in San Francisco, California, USA.  I'll be heading to the conference along with several members of the XNA community gaming platform team.  Here are a few key GDC events:

  1. Several members of the XNA team will be giving presentations during the XNA Game Studio Developer Day on February 18th.  Presentation topics include networking with XNA Game Studio 2.0, extending the content pipeline in XNA Game Studio 2.0, CLR performance on Windows and Xbox 360, understanding XNA framework performance, advanced debugging with XNA Game Studio 2.0 and XNA Game Studio 2.0 for Xbox LIVE Arcade.
  2. John Shappert, the vice president of the organization that includes the XNA team, Xbox LIVE and Games for Windows LIVE will be giving one of the keynote presentations on February 20th at 10am.  His talk is titled A Future Wide Open: Unleashing the Creative Community.
  3. Microsoft will be hosting a Lobby Bar where folks can stop by and meet members of the XNA team and other Microsoft teams in an informal setting.

I'll be spending some of my time at GDC at the Lobby Bar, and I'm looking forward to talking with folks who are using XNA Game Studio or are thinking about trying it out.