Link to more detailed notes about changes in the weekly WiX build

Over the weekend, I noticed a couple of posts on Bob Arnson's blog that I wanted to link to here.  Bob indicated in this post that he was going to start publishing more detailed information about the changes included in each weekly build of WiX.

For those of you familiar with WiX, each build includes a text file named history.txt that includes high-level summaries of each change that gets checked in.  The level of detail in history.txt is not very deep, and it varies based on which person checked in each change.  In addition, the contents of history.txt has not been available on a web page in the past.  I think these factors will make a web-based list of changes fairly useful to developers who use WiX in their setup/build processes.

To kick off this effort, Bob posted a list of changes and fixes available in WiX build 3.0.3711.  You can view this initial list of changes at

I also encourage you to keep an eye on Bob's blog in the future for additional information about changes in WiX.