Links to product roadmap information for WiX v2.0 and WiX v3.0

Rob Mensching wrote a couple of interesting posts this week regarding upcoming plans for WiX development that I wanted to link to here to help make sure setup developers see them.

Locking down WiX v2.0

In the first post, located at, Rob outlines the plan for locking down the WiX v2.0 project.  The key message in this post is that WiX v2.0 is entering "escrow" mode.  This is the first step in locking down this version of WiX.  It means that for about a month or so, no fixes will be made in the WiX v2.0 source tree, and no new builds will be produced.  If you're a setup developer using WiX v2.0, I encourage you to pick up the latest WiX v2.0 build from and put it through its paces.  Make sure to report any bugs you find at

Roadmap for WiX v3.0

In the second post, located at, Rob outlines a draft of a roadmap for WiX v3.0 and potential future versions of WiX.  This roadmap covers the following aspects of WiX v3.0:

If you are a setup developer and are using WiX or are considering WiX for your MSI-based setups, I encourage you to take a look at both of the above posts on Rob's blog for more details about where WiX v2.0, v3.0 and beyond are heading over the coming months.