Log files created during Xbox 360 PC setup

I have heard from a few folks who have run into issues installing the software to enable using an Xbox 360 as a Media Center Extender with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. I wanted to post a list of log files that are created by the Xbox 360 PC setup package so that people have a place to start looking if this setup fails for some reason.

Xbox 360 PC setup is implemented as a chained set of Windows XP hotfixes, a version of the .NET Framework, Update Rollup 2 for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, and a couple of other miscellaneous packages. Depending on which of the components are already installed on your system, the Xbox 360 PC setup will create some or all of the following log files:

  • %temp%\netfx.log
  • %windir%\dvcsetup.log
  • %windir%\dvcconn.log
  • %windir%\ehd_msi.log
  • %windir%\ehd_wmc.log
  • %windir%\kb888795.log
  • %windir%\kb891593.log
  • %windir%\kb895961.log
  • %windir%\kb899337.log
  • %windir%\kb899510.log
  • %windir%\kb900325.log
  • %windir%\kb902841.log
  • %windir%\kb903157.log
  • %windir%\kb905589.log
  • %windir%\mcsetup.log
  • %windir%\mcsetup_ui.log
  • %windir%\medctroc.log
  • %windir%\spupdsvc.log
  • %windir%\wmsetup.log

You can also download this script and run it to automatically gather all of the above files into a single directory to make it easier to find them.