Mailbag: How can I get to MSN Music in Media Center now that it no longer appears in Online Spotlight?


I noticed a couple of weeks ago that MSN Music is no longer available within Online Spotlight on my Media Center PC. Is there any way I can continue to access MSN Music functionality from within Media Center?


You can use the following steps to navigate to the MSN Music site and have it create a link in the Media Center More Programs menu so you can continue to use MSN Music even though it does not appear in Online Spotlight:

  1. Start Media Center
  2. Click on My Music and start playing a song or playlist
  3. Go to the Now Playing page
  4. Click the Buy Music button in the menu on the left side of the Now Playing page
  5. Click on the MSN Music link in the top right corner of the Buy Music page to go to the MSN Music site
  6. Go to the Settings menu item on the MSN Music site
  7. Click the Add to More Programs button
  8. Click the Add Link button on the pop-up confiirmation dialog

After following these steps, you can go to the Media Center start menu and choose More Programs. There will now be an MSN Music menu item in the list of programs that you can use to launch MSN Music for Windows Media Center.