MIX 07 hands-on lab - Understanding Media Center Markup Language (MCML)

Content for some of the sessions presented at this week's MIX07 conference have been posted on the web.  Included in the online content is a hands-on lab titled Understanding Windows Media Center Markup Language (MCML) .  You can download the hands-on lab from https://downloads.eventpoint.com/mix07/hols/LWMC01%20-%20Understanding%20Media%20Center%20Markup%20Language%20(MCML).xps.

The Understanding MCML hands-on lab includes exercises that cover the following topics:

Exercise 1: Working with Media Center User Interfaces

  • Creating the Project
  • Working with Layouts
  • Referencing Objects within an MCML File

Exercise 2: Binding to Objects

  • Adding a Custom Class for Binding
  • Binding MCML Elements to the Custom Class

Exercise 3: Creating Basic Animations

  • Rotating Graphics
  • Handling Mouse Interaction

While this lab is helpful in seeing some of the concepts of MCML in action, I would not suggest starting with this lab if you are new to MCML or Media Center development.  If you are getting started, I strongly recommend checking out the Windows Media Center Application Step by Step documentation and source code that is available in the links in this Media Center Sandbox blog post.